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TalentMap - Website Survey - 10Dec20

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More than two thirds of organizations conduct employee surveys. Should you?
Launching an employee survey is a strategic decision. The executive team must be ready for feedback and the timing must fit the organization’s business planning and performance timetable.
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Our business results are flat or getting worse (i.e. we are not meeting our numbers). Customers are voicing their dissatisfaction.
Performance levels of previously high performing contributors are declining.
Good employees are leaving.
Exit interviews point to problems around employee trust and engagement.
More employees are going on disability/sick leave and/or we have higher levels of absenteeism.
We have a growing number of employee relations issues.
Trusted, high-performing employees are raising concerns regarding employee morale.
Negative comments regarding our organization are proliferating on Glassdoor and Indeed.
Employees are feeling overwhelmed by work demands and are struggling to keep up.
Hiring is getting more difficult: increasing finalists are turning us down at the offer stage.
We lack meaningful systematic two-way communication at all levels within the organization.
We have no systematic way to collect information from employees that identify the obstacles of our business success.
Sticking with the status quo to address engagement and morale is no longer an option.
Our executives recognize that there is a problem with employee morale, engagement, and productivity, and is seeking to understand root causes and solutions.
Our executives have the courage to seek out, share, and solve for root causes.
We have the resources needed to effectively manage the internal organizational aspects of the survey process.